The transPorter tool carrier is here.

For years I've been saying "Someone should build a better Caritool!"  

Don't get me wrong, the Caritool by Petzl is a great concept, that's why you'll find one on almost every Arborist's harness.   Only trouble is they break...often.  While a great idea, the fiber reinforced plastic construction and non locking wire gate has meant they easily snag on twigs and break.  Great for us...we sell LOTS of them.  But that sucks for you when you're counting on your gear to do your job at height when the pressure is on to get things done.  

Rock Exotica has solved all this with their new tool carrier, the transPorter.

With a break strength of 180kg and a 23kg WLL, it's another league when compared to the small Petzl Caritool's 5kg WLL.

What's more, the gate can easily be set as open, always giving easy access, or locked shut to prevent unwanted snags.

Check this video below to see more on it.

Trevor Douglas
Trevor Douglas


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