! Safety Notice ! Treemotion Harness

We have received notice from Teufelberger, manufacturer of the Treemotion Harness, that the supplier of the buckles fitted to that harness, AustriAlpin, have issued a safety notice. 

This not a recall, just a notice informing you to make a visual inspection.

For your own safety we ask that you identify all Teufelberger products in your ownership that contain the affected Cobra buckles and perform the visual assessment identified by the manufacturer. 

If the outcome of the visual assessment is that the rivet does not show any embossing, or that you are not able to make a judgement with clarity, STOP using the assembly, place it in QUARANTINE so that it cannot be used or returned to service inadvertently and contact us to communicate the outcome of the visual assessment and the number of items affected.

Please see the notice below.  You can also download it from this link: http://downloads.austrialpin.at/Safety_notice_2016_EN.pdf

AustriAlpin Safety Notice


Trevor Douglas
Trevor Douglas


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