ART RopeGuide TwinLine Launch Countdown

Given the current RopeGuide is called the RopeGuide 2010....we get how frustrating the wait for the new ART RopeGuide TwinLine feels.  It's been a looong time between drinks.  Who even remembers 2010?  I'll bet some of you weren't even climbing back then!

For those who have been patiently waiting, and even those in-patiently asking every week for the last year "When have you got the new Rope Guide?", there's some good news ;)

It is real.  The official release day is imminent.  No BS.  No false starts like the Spiderjack 3.   It is here.  As in, in the building.  Ready to ship on Monday the 13th.  If you're quick....   You secure yours by clicking here.


It can be set up on an Eye Sling, or a long length of rope like shown below.  You can read the full product description by clicking here,  but it's worth watching the video to wrap your head around it!

Trevor Douglas
Trevor Douglas


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