Who are we for
We are for the aerial-adventurers, the rookies and the veterans.  
For the precision pruner and the monster remover.  
We are for those divided around the globe, but united in trees.  
We are for the pioneers seeking next-level gear, and the fans of tools tried and true.  
For the canopy-conquering hero and the tree-top explorer.  
We are for the climbers who want to experience a cutting edge adventure.
What do we stand for
We believe that being an Arborist is a profession and that tree climbers are industrial athletes.
And we know professional athletes deserve the best quality in equipment and safety.
We understand the best gear optimizes your performance, adds value, profit, efficiency and longevity to your career.
We believe in only providing you with equipment that we would be delighted to use ourselves.
We keep our finger on the pulse of advancement in climbing techniques.
If it's new, we know about. 
We can predict the future success of new equipment based on our own experience as climbers.
We are great at sourcing the latest innovative products from the greatest brands and delivering them optimally throughout the globe.
We love to help climbers advance and grow.
Whats the Treegear brand story
Treegear was founded by Melbourne based arborist Trevor Douglas in mid 2008.  Back then, there weren't many options for gear here, much of it was pretty ho-hum... and all of it was expensive!  At this point, Trev had been running his own tree service business for over 10 years.  Never satisfied with staying still, he was always looking to... well not just grow, but do things differently, and better, something to do with the "Pioneer" part of his DNA...

He spent a heck of a lot of time online researching how other tree guys around the world do what they do.  This was before Facebook really blew up and sharing info was so easy.  Forums like Treebuzz & Treeworld were a great source of information and inspiration though.  There was so much going on out there.  Something had to change.

And so Treegear was born.  Driven by a deep wanting to improve the standard, availability and value of gear on the Australian market, delivered with real world advice from real climbers that understand.  
But it wasn't that easy....  At first manufacturers and distributors didn't want to work with us.  So we went around them and did it anyway!  We were disrupting the industry with new stuff and lower prices than Australia had seen before... and our early customers loved it!

And so what started out as a side-project to his tree business soon took on a life of it's own.  The competition had to totally reposition it's pricing, and today Arb gear in Australia is about 40% better value than it used to be....  You're welcome!

In 2012 the tree care business was bought out and it was full steam ahead for Treegear.

Today we are proud to say our mission is still the same... To scour the globe for the latest and best gear.  Not just any gear, the best gear, gear we would be stoked to use ourselves.  Gear that we know will make you safer, more comfortable, more efficient, and more profitable.

For just a small team of enthusiasts with a passion for all things trees & climbing, we are proud to have introduced some awesome brands & products to the Australian market.  Stuff like ABR spliced cordage, ArbPro boots & rigging equipment, Donaghys Armorprus & Cougar, Harrison Rocket throwbags, Kask helmets, Pfanner protection clothing, Protos helmets, Sawpods & Throwpods, Singing Tree Rope Wrench, SIP and more...

But cutting edge products alone does not define us... It's when you mash that up with real-world climbing experience, and share our knowledge willingly - that's when the magic happens!  The challenge then became how to best deliver that sort of hands-on advice...  

So we set up an in-store, indoor tree climbing space like nothing that had ever been done before.

Our greatest reward is seeing climbers come in who are either maybe just starting out, or have been doing it a while - but all old-school (read: the hard way!), and with the right guidance leave inspired and excited about getting back out there knowing they'll be safer, more efficient and more productive.  


Sometimes it's helping them select the best combination of gear for where they're at.  Other times it's helping them fine-tune their current system with a demo, some hands-on climbing and a little coaching in our climbing area.

It is no fun fighting a system that doesn't work.  It's the synergy of the right gear, knowledge and technique that makes climbing FUN!  It makes me so happy to know that we are transforming the safety & efficiency of the tree industry, one climber at a time.
Trev Douglas Profile image
Treegear's founder Trevor is a recovering arborist with over 19 years in the tree industry and has experience in everything from ground crew to climbing & consulting arborist, and founded one of Melbourne's most reputable tree care companies, taking it through from start-up to a successful business sale.