Working Safely with Stumpgrinders

Working with Stumpgrinders?  You probably already know an accident at work could literally cost you an arm or a leg.... but did you know it could cost you your business, big fines, maybe even your family home?

I know the scene above is probably NOT what you want to think about right now...  Nobody wants to get caught up in a WorkSafe investigation, let alone have on their shoulders one of their team suffer a serious injury, or worse...

The thing is, denial is not a valid strategy.  Don't want to be in the picture above?  If you want to protect your employees from injury, and protect your business from getting dragged over the coals by WorkSafe, you might want to check out this Free Workshop we are hosting on Friday morning the 25th of September.

Working Safely Around Stump Grinders ~ "Staying Safe from an Employer's Perspective"
This workshop has been developed to assist Employers and their Employees to:
  • Meet your legal responsibilities as an Employer and Employee relating to stump grinders.
  • Share best practices for providing safety information to staff, record keeping, making exclusion zones, carrying out plant inspections, identifying hazards and assessing their associated risks.
  • Discuss fatalities, serious injuries, and near misses in our industry.
  • Most importantly, raise awareness to minimise future fatalies and serious injuries to ourselves and fellow workers.

This workshop was developed after a serious accident occured working around a stump grinder in April 2014, to prevent future accidents and possible fatalities.  The content also aims to support Employers to meet their legal obligations in relation to their record keeping.

Presenter:  Jai Caulfield-Caruso (Jims Trees)
Guest Speaker: James Doulis (WorkSafe Officer)

This is a FREE Event, but numbers are limited and you must register below.
Got questions about this event?
Call Jai on 0417 339 281 or email her on with any questions.

Trevor Douglas
Trevor Douglas


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