Haul Ass Ascent System

The HAAS, which just quietly is an acronym for Haul Ass Ascent System might just be the game-changer your looking for to make your ascent fast, efficient and easy.

With more and more climbers using SRT for not only access but also work positioning, efficient ascent is the holy grail.  We are always looking for tweaks that will make it nice and smooth, while fast and easy.

Essentially a bungee knee ascender, the HAAS opens up a new level of efficiency by fully capturing maximum progress on the rope between it and your foot ascender.

It can also be added to traditional doubled rope technique (DdRT) systems , or Single Rope Technique (SRT) systems , with the Rope Wrench, the Hitchiker, Unicender etc. or without.

The HAAS features a fully integrated knee ascender that captures all of the advancement made by your other foot. If you ever thought it would be cool to use two foot ascenders, Now you can!

Check out these videos on Set up & Size Selection.

Trevor Douglas
Trevor Douglas


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