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The Evolution Of The Rope Wrench

by Trevor Douglas August 08, 2014 0 Comments

The recent 2014 International Tree Climbing Championships were somewhat of a milestone in the controversial evolution of the Rope Wrench.  While Treegear has been behind the concept of Single Line Work Positioning from the beginning, the ISA had stood firm until now on sticking to Doubled Rope Technique.  

Of course safety is important, but so is progression... and you need to have an open mind to learn and understand new techniques in order to progress.

Afterall, everything we currently know and accept as Mainstream was once just a Crazy Idea...and if we hang on to Mainstream with a closed mind you may wake up one day and realise you're actually now Old School! 

So take a look at this infographic as we step through the Evolution Of The Rope Wrench.

Trevor Douglas
Trevor Douglas

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