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Protos Eye Glasses


Are you sick of scratched up safety specs or helmet visors? Are you forever losing your safety specs?  Do your earmuff seals lose half their performance from the spectacle arms?  Are you or your employees risking eye injuries working without proper eye protection because of these sort of excuses?  You know you can count on that "one time" being the time something goes wrong hey...

These Safety Glasses cleverly mount direct to the headband of your Protos Integral helmet.  There are no arms!  And when not in use they retract inside the helmet! 

The legs pivot at the temple and are adjustable length-ways, so you can adjust the lens angle and leg length to provide optimal comfort and fit. The soft nose pads also increases comfort. All lenses have anti-fog properties and are extremely scratch resistant and highly resistant to chemicals.

Replacement lens are available separately.  Additional insert is also available for fitting of prescription lenses.

  • Clear lens - EN170:2003 
  • Yellow, Amber and Smoke Grey Mirror lenses: EN172:2002
  • All Lenses offer Highest Mechanical Stability rating of FT EN166:2002 (-5°C to +55°C)
  • Highest Optical Quality rating of 1
  • Complete with headband mounting arms & nosepiece

These integrated specs really take the benefits of the Protos helmet system to another level.  You don't lose earmuff performance by fouling the seal with the arms of your specs, you always have them with you - no excuses for leaving them on the dashboard of the truck, and also because they stow within the helmet, they don't get scratched up or lost like usual specs do! 

Sure, at $69.95 they cost more than the throwaway safety specs you might be used to... but that is because...umm... they are not throwaway specs!  Think more like an integrated visor - but one that doesn't suck!  Think eye protection that will outlive several pairs of specs, look awesome, and in the long run cost less than a few lost/ruined specs or a bionic eye!

If you already have a Protos these are a no-brainer add-on.  If you don't already have one, they make for a seriously good argument to get one!

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Trevor Douglas
Trevor Douglas


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