ART RopeGuide 2010 with Link


ART Rope Guide 2010 with Link Pulley
ART’s patented friction saver concept has a prominent name: Ropeguide. The name says it all. Smooth rope work and special care for the cambium join forces in this outstanding device. The Ropeguide 2010 combines the best features of his predecessors with the fascinating results of ongoing research: It is very light, can take on even bigger loads and at the same time offers even more safety.
One-of-a-kind ring: Features only 50 percent of a solid ring’s weight with rounded outline and still achieves comparable stability as well as much enhanced safety. Idea and solution are typical for ART products: The ring comes with a tube design replacing a massy construction. The rope now runs protected within the tube-shaped ring – and it might sound strange but it is true: The rope enhances the breaking strength of the ring and vice versa! Perfect symbiosis: less weight, better breaking strength plus doubled safety, since the loop running to the pulley is attached to the ring as well as to the rope sling.
Friction saver’s contact surface: Neither rope nor loop but an 8 mm parallel sewn double rope makes for the new Ropeguide 2010 contact surface. This combines the advantages of rope and loop: great abrasion resistance, wide contact surface and higher tensile strength because of the tube shaped ring design.
Fender: Right behind the tube shaped ring there is now a small “fender” built in. The fender allows for the ring to align vertically when pulled from a forked branch, which makes for an easy gliding even through smaller forks.
Release lever: The longer lever now allows for an easy release of the locking cam when pulled, as with the Positioner 2. This makes retrieving even easier and more reliable.
Spring loaded cam: This feature prevents rope from accidental sliding.
Proven features remain the same: The cocoon 2 pulley still makes for an easy and safe running of the rope while the Zip-Absorber-1 enhances safety as a built-in “airbag”.
ROPEGUIDE 2010 features:
  • integrated Zip-Absorber-1
  • continuously adjustable length
  • can be combined with Doublesnapper-3
  • easy „lifting“ of pulley with climbing rope installed
  • optimized "choking" mode based on spring loaded cam
  • automatic locking without slippage
  • easy adjustment even after heavy loads
  • top safety and loading capacity based on tunnel shaped ring and rope combined
  • optimized retrieving of ring based on integrated fender
  • optimized releasing of false crutch based on use of release lever
  • low kink friction saver supplies great width and abrasion resistance by parallel sewn 8 mm polyamide rope.
Service life of ROPEGUIDE 2010 metal parts is 10 years!