Gravity Lab Friction Saver

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The Gravity Lab Friction Savers have been designed as an improvement to the standard cambium saver. 

There are 2 options to choose from.

1. Adjustable 1.5m length with small ring on prusik.

2. Fixed rings on 1m length.

MBS: 22kN

Featuring: Machine Sewn Stopper

Set the Adjustable Friction Saver:

  1. Pass the big ring over the union

  2. Adjust the prusik ring to be close to the union

  3. Pass your climbing line through the small ring then through the big ring

  4. Clip into your climbing system

Retrieve from the ground:

  1. Unclip your eye splice or knot

  2. Tie a small overhand knot close to the end of the rope

  3. Pull your climbing line up. The overhand knot will pass through the big ring, catch on the small ring and pull the friction saver to the ground.

Using a ring and ring friction saver has more friction than a pulley style friction saver, which actually takes load off of your hitch cord and can be an advantage.

Treegears Take 

Use just like a regular cambium saver. Set from the ground with a throwline and retrieve as normal. 

This is a very compact set-up. Taking up minimal room on the back of your harness. No climber should be without a friction saver.