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Most saw lanyards come up short - not the REECOIL

by Trevor Douglas July 22, 2015 0 Comments

We've felt for some time that most of the existing chainsaw lanyards come up a bit short!  Not just in length, but quality, and mounting options...and that not everyone actually wants a breakaway lanyard.

Even if you're not all that lanky, most of them wont allow you to initially take the saw from one side of your body and then use it on the other, without having to pass it back around behind your back.  And i'll bet you've done that with a running saw...hopefully with the chainbrake on!  I know I have..

The REECOIL Full Reach bungee chainsaw lanyard has been built to extend further than other lanyards - with 2.2m reach even Michael Jordan approves ;)  

And yet it still recoils just as short, if not shorter than regular lanyards, retracting down to 0.7m. This helps keep it out of the way and prevents you cutting it...aaand we all know how much it sucks when that happens!  

It also attaches to your top handled saw in a few different ways. The standard rear ring mount is designed to bring the hanging carabiner as close to your saw as possible to make it sit high on the back of your harness.

You can also attach to the top handle using the built in second loop making it very easy to hang up one handed on your Petzl Caritool or similar tool hook.

Also, being non-tearaway, you can confidently attach your bigger saws to this without having to worry about it letting go if you have to dump the saw in order to control the piece you're cutting.  Nice to know!
These are hand-made in Australia and availability is limited, so it's first in, first served until the next production!

The REECOIL starts at only $69.95 without a carabiner or $89.95 including the black bent gate pictured.  
You can see more and shop for the REECOIL by clicking this link here.

Or, just grab one and check straight out using the Buy Now button below!
Trevor Douglas
Trevor Douglas

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