Rope Wrench gets full ITCC Approval

It's felt like forever for many, and tested the patience of some, but the good news is the ISA has now finally approved use of the ZK2 Singing Tree Rope Wrench in competitions with the same freedoms every other climbing system has previously had.  When initial approval in 2014 placed restrictions on rope make and model, as well as hitch type, it seemed kind of crazy to be subjected to such a narrow use when as far as I know, no other system was required to meet such stringent requirements.  

For example, the hitchclimber system has been used for years in all sorts of configurations without any manufacturer documentation required...competitors just had demonstrate that it "worked".

It is great to finally put to bed the issue of acceptance of the wrench.  But one has to question just how current the ISA really is...  Pioneering tree climbers have been using the wrench for a good few years now (see its Evolution here) and many of those are now moving ahead to the Rope Runner, also designed by SRT innovator Kevin Bingham.

Lets hope it doesn't take so long for the ISA to catch on to the Rope Runner!



Trevor Douglas
Trevor Douglas


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