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Soil Secrets Seminar - Tree Life Underground

by Trevor Douglas April 22, 2014 0 Comments

From Geology and Microbiology to Crumbling Buildings and Drain Technology The VTIO are delving into what goes on below the surface. 
26 May 2014 
With the following presenters: Dr Andy Hirons, Brendan Dover, Mat Daniel, Walter Jehne and David Lawrence. 
Opening address by: Dr Greg Moore 
Other presenters to be confirmed 
Being held at: Melbourne City Mission Conference Centre 
Dr Andy Hirons will present both 1) 'Establishment of trees in urban environments - a biological perspective' 2) 'Using fundamental biology to support tree root management practices' 
Brendan Dover will share on how drains and plumbing are affected by trees and soils. 
Mat Daniel will focus on the importance of understanding of soil biology in an urban 
context. He will look at the building blocks of soil biology as it relates to urban tree 
David Lawrence presentation will focus on understanding soil characteristics, why they do 
what they do. He will look at the basics of soil testing from an engineering position, the 
impact of trees on buildings and how when such findings need to be based on sound 
geotechnical investigations. 
Walter Jehne—topic to be confirmed, but will be about soil chemistry. 
Download the PDF for full details: 
The cost of hall hire will go towards helping the homeless and disadvantaged people. 
Catering is by a local organisation that trains unemployed and disadvantaged children/young 
persons to provide them work opportunities and self-improvement practices.
Date: 26 May 2014.  Registration: opens 7.45am. We begin at 8.30am, sharp. 
Location: 164-180 Kingsway, (entrance is 24 Tope Street), South Melbourne.
Cost: VTIO/CAV Members $100 
 VTIO Students $80 
 Non-members $160 
If you are an Arb Student and not a member, sign up for a free membership and pay the VTIO student rate. 
Bookings online at: 
Trevor Douglas
Trevor Douglas

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