FTC LEASH Compact Chainsaw Strop

The FTC LEASH is a micro tool lanyard to secure a compact chainsaw to the harness. It looks tiny, but thanks to kevlar reinforcement it is strong!

It creates a link between the climber and his chainsaw or handsaw  to prevent it from falling to the ground.

The LEASH chainsaw is ultra compact and lightweight. The strap hitches to the chainsaw at either the D ring or around the top handle and can be hung within reach on the harness thanks to its steel ring.

Attention, it is strongly discouraged to leave the chainsaw in suspension at full extension of the leash.

Tech Specs

Spiral lanyard: Kevlar reinforced polyurethane, yellow
Ring: welded stainless steel
Stitched strap: 100% polyamide, 10 mm wide, blue

Strength of the product: 90 kg (breaking of the metal staple in case of fall and shock of the chainsaw)

Length (spiral cord): 22 cm - Length under tension: 150 cm

Stress required for stretching: 500 g

Weight: 53 g