FTC Tree KLIK N'KA Climbing Spurs

These are very light and innovative spurs - combining comfort with a precise and easy adjustment. The thick preformed padding allows for a comfortable support of the shins, and the micrometric buckles enable a quick and perfect adjustment.

The comfortable support to the shins is provided by the thick preformed foam. The micrometric buckles help adjusting the spurs quickly and precisely, for a better support during rigging works.

KLIK N'KA: the name comes from the combination of KINKAJOU (an arboreal mammal living in the tropical rainforests of South and Central America that moves about with their claws) and CLIC-CLAC, the sound of the micrometric fastening system, a major innovation of these spurs.

The spurs are delivered in their own handy storage bag.

The KLIK N’KA grips, gaffs, foam paddings and straps are all available as spare parts, so that they can be used many years.


The thick and comfortable foam has been developed specifically for the KLIK N'KA spurs. It is perfectly held against the shell with a Velcro and a textile flap. The flap also keeps wood shaving and dirt from getting between the shell and the foam, ensuring a longer use.

The shell is made of an epoxy-glass fibre composite and carbon, both light and very sturdy. To fix it on the shank, two screws are used, allowing 4 possible height adjustments.

The whole is designed for an optimal comfort of the shin along the shell, reducing efforts on the contact zones.


The closure system is a new one for spurs. It allows for a precise, effortless adjustment in a few moves, with a perfect support. It is very easy to tighten the system with one hand, even in the tree.

The lengths of the upper and lower straps can be pre-set. 

For the lower straps, the sliding strap helps finding the ideal position of the shank with the back of the shoe: clic-clac, just tighten the strap. 

Releasing the buckle is just as effortless as tightening it, with one hand.


The gaff has a pyramidal shape. The gaff's lower flat surface leans on the wood grain and avoid the gaff turning in the wood (as opposed to round gaffs).

That shape also is also perfect for driving in and pulling out effortlessly, as they cut and part wood fibres.

They have been adapted from the STING AND STAY gaffs in order to be used with the KLIK N'KA straps.


Dimensions and adjustments Material
Assembled spurs 1. 8 kg (4 lb, pair without grips)
Min./max. height: 42-48 cm (1.4-1.6 ft)
Lock system Micrometric buckle
Quick adjustment
Perfect tightening
Moulded glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic
Shanks Aluminium
Shells 4 height positions Epoxy-glass fibre composite and carbon
Comfort padding Thick, comfortable foam Thermoformed EVA / polyester
Grips 3.5 oz (pair) Machined stainless steel
Gaffs Length: 5 cm (2 in) Forged stainless steel
Gaff protections Vinyl
Packaging 52 x 20 x 15 cm (20.5 x 7.9 x 6 in)
2 transport handles