Fids and Fibers Downunder - Treegear Splicing Workshop

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This is your chance to learn the art of rope splicing from the #1 splicing instructor, Mark Przekurat of Fids and Fibers.

The art of splicing ropes is often treated like a guarded secret, and the mystery around it keeps many from confidently learning the craft.

At the Fids and Fibers Splicing Workshop hosted by Treegear, you'll get to see "behind the curtain" as Mark shares his wealth of knowledge on ropes and splicing.  You'll learn to splice hands-on everything from:

  • 12 strand hollow braid prusiks, ring and ring friction saver, loopies and whoopie slings with rigging rings,
  • 16 strand ring and ring friction savers, lanyards with snaps,
  • 24 strand double braid eye to eye, ring and ring sling, lanyard with snap.  
  • Plus we'll cover whipping stitching and labeling and more!

And the best bit is....All the rope and hardware is included, and what you make, you get to keep!

Importantly, you'll also learn a bunch of foundational rope knowledge such as rope identification, rope contruction and fiber types.

You'll also get 25 pages of handouts covering all the technical info about the ropes you're using, splicing instructions, and cheat sheets to make splicing easier

We'll also unravel some the mystery around certification, certified splicers and certified splices!  You'll finally understand what it does all mean, and what it does not.  

As well as discussion on break testing, we will also break one of your splices and give you your results.  

This event also earns you 16-20 ISA CEUs.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion.

This is a 2 day event, and they will be solid!  Expect 12-14 hours each day...  Yes, you read that right!  This will be intense learning, but it will also be super fun!  

Because of the intense, hands-on nature of this course, we have to keep class size limited to only 20 students. This ensures you get the time and attention you need to get the most out of the class.

My prediction is by the end of these 2 days, you will be a safer climber for having a deeper understanding of ropes and rope tools, and you'll have the confidence and know how to make new tools when you need them, you'll have made some great new friends and had fun along the way.  If you want to be one of the lucky 20 then sign up and get your ticket early as they are limited.

The investment is for the 2 day course, inclusive of all rope, hardware, literature to keep and splicing tools provided for each student to use.

Early bird tickets are only $450 so you SAVE $45 but only until 30th September.  

Date: Friday 24th - Saturday 25th November 2017.
Venue: Treegear. Braeside VIC Australia

As an option, you can also purchase to keep Marks own custom set of splicing tools just like you'll use in the workshop for $100 extra.

Really, the finished products you'll take home are easily worth more than the ticket price, but the know-how you get to keep and use forever is priceless.  Imagine all the cool gear you'll be able to put together for yourself!

About your Instructor

Mark has been sharing his knowlege of all things rope and splicing at his Fids and Fibers courses in the USA since 2009.  He is a man on a mission to share his knowledge and passion for rope tool safety.  To enhance the understanding of how rope works, how to inspect rope and splices and to empower arborists to retire gear...knowing they have the skills to create new gear with them on their journey as a climber.