X-Ring Whoopie XL

Lucas P.
So this is my first X-rigging ring in my rigging kit . I am usually a block and pulley user but with the addition of the x-ring to my every day kit i have found that the lightness of the x-ring means u can carry multiple on you're harness with out feeling the added weight you would usually associated with having multiple block and pulleys on you're harness when setting up your rigging. the other noticeable thing i found was the added friction to the set up in some cases it almost had enough friction that a wrap on the porter wrap could be taken off. in the case of negative rigging (topdown rigging) i was still able to safely take larger sections down(within the rating of the unit). because of its basic design I'm hoping the life span of the unit will out last the pulleys. the other outstanding part of this unit was the execution and the final presentation of the splicing it was neat tight and executed well also done in house which give u the confidence that its done by professionals . If it has any negatives i would say i don't have more, a very good bit of gear for the every day rigging kit, it does take some getting use to with added friction in to the system if u usually have a frictionless rigging system . climb safe rig well lucas