Adjustable Tenex Whoopie Sling 3/4"

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Adjustable Tenex Whoopie Sling 3/4"

One eye is fixed and the other is adjustable, with one end of the spliced rope passing through the center of the hollow core. Set the choker and shorten the eye to adjust length from 4' to 9 or 16'. When weight is applied to the sling, the outer core tightens on the rope.

These slings are constructed from Samson Tenex 11250kg Ave Break Strength two-carrier rigging line, and have been expertly spliced and lock stitched.

RATINGS at 10:1 Safe Work Load Factor: 

BASKET 1905kg SINGLE LEG 950kg CHOKER 760kg

3/4" SLING RATINGS at 5:1 Safety Work Load Factor: BASKET 3810kg SINGLE LEG 1900kg CHOKER 1520kg