Teufelberger AntiShock Chainsaw Lanyard

Teufelberger Antishock Chainsaw Tool Lanyard

The antiSHOCK tool lanyard is another innovation for arborists from TEUFELBERGER.

What makes this lanyard for tools so special is how it absorbs forces. In the event that more than 2.0 - 2.2 kN act on the lanyard - for example, if your saw gets stuck in a branch you are trying to cut off - then the tear webbing will be activated.This reduces the dynamic force of the impact on the harness, fall protection system and anchor point of the climber to 1,5-1,8 kN. This product therefore prevents injury.

If the saw does not come unstuck again, the webbing will tear open completely after 70 cm and the tool will drop to the ground.

Due to a special treatment of the yarns, the elastic webbing is exceptionally abrasion resistant.

Available without hardware, so you add the carabiner of your choice.