Teufelberger CElanyard

The CElanyard, designed by Treemagineers and produced by Teufelberger using DMM hardware.

The CElanyard is the first certified lanyard.  It makes use of the benefits of the DMM Pinto Pulley for length adjustment and can also be employed as anchor point.

CElanyard integrates all the latest technologies used for our tree care products. CElanyard includes the Ocean Polyester rope, now sporting a green/yellow design. Green indicates that it is used as PPE product.

The new Ocean Vectran 6mm rope with a stainless steel thimble that can be used as an additional mounting point in the choked cofiguration, preventing carabiner side-loading. It can also be utilized for 2.1 advantage when returning from limbwalks in SRT configuration.  

The seams of the end points of CElanyard are designed such that they incorporate TEUFELBERGER‘s new resin-based seam protector technology.

The TEUFELBERGER CElanyard has been certified to EN 358 and EN 795B.

Diameter: 11mm

Tensile Force: 1800/4045 daN/lbs

Check out Taylor Hamel's educational product presentation below.