Singing Tree RIG N' WRENCH Lowering System

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The Lowdown

This is the RIG N' WRENCH set up by Kevin Bingham. It is a new way of utilising the Rope Wrench to add friction at your rigging point. 

Simply run your rigging rope through the Pinto RIG and clip the Rope Wrench onto the working end of the line. It will add friction when lowing limbs but won't when the rope is getting pulled up. 

Designed for light rigging purposes, up to 13mm (1/2") rigging lines.

Note: We supply the Purple Wrench to match the Pinto Rig where possible, but if currently unavailable the colour may vary.

Tech Specs

Diameter: <13mm (1/2") 

Pulley: DMM Pinto RIG 

Tether: Donaghys Armor Prus 10mm 

Rope Wrench: ZK2 Purple 

Treegears Take 

This is a great set up for those smaller crews doing small to medium sized work. It allows the groundy to hand rig pieces bigger than before, by taking friction at the rigging point. Pulling the rope back up to the climber isn't affected because the friction comes off when hauling up on the line. 

This set up can potentially over half the weight you have to hold on the rigging line.