Rock Exotica Unicender

The Unicender was the original device that could replace friction hitches, figure 8s, and ascenders in DdRT & SRT!

In the Doubled Rope Technique, the Unicender can be used as a mechanical prusik in place of a friction hitch. Because of the ease with which it advances in this configuration, it makes any rope climbing technique easier and faster.

In the Single Rope Technique (SRT), the Unicender takes the place of both ascenders and descender, preventing the climber from having to switch out hardware with every change in direction. The unicender is inherently safer than the use of separate ascender and descender devices because there is no dangerous change over at the top of the climb. The unicender offers you seamless transitions from ascending to descending and back again. This also makes for a quick bail-out should something go wrong mid-ascent, and easier aerial rescue should it really hit the fan!

At last SRT can be viable system to "work the canopy" and not just an access system. While this can take an investment of time to adapt to a new technique, those that have put in the time swear they'd never go back to climbing DdRT.

This incredible new device works by snaking the rope through the device where smooth wear surfaces apply friction to the line.

The Unicender advances easily and gives utmost control over the decent. The Unicender can be used with either 11-13mm diameter line without changing any parts & can be easily installed midline.