Rock Exotica Rock O Wire Eye


Rock Exotica RockO WireEye

Already appreciated by professionals as the workhorse shape of carabiners, the rockO WireEye brings you the added utility of a wire keeper. This new capability gives you the flexibility to leave your lanyard pin, or captive eye carabiner at home. 

  • Releasable wire gate gives you quick acess to capture and release lines or gear.
  • Takes the place of a fixed lanyard pin or 
    captive eye carabiner when a permanent, 
    high-strength restraint is not needed.
  • Reduces the chance of dangerous cross-loading.
  • Features the same strength and quality 
    characteristics as other Rock Exotica 


Part Number:C3 WEA
MBS-Major:24 kN
MBS-Minor:11 kN
MBS-Open:6 kN
Gate Opening:.93" (22 mm)
Height:4.4" (111 mm)
Width:2.5" (64 mm)
Weight:2.85 oz (80 gm)
Certification:Pending CE
The WireEye holds gear, lanyards and lines with enough resistance to help prevent gear from moving past the end of the carabiner, but releases easily when lifted up. When the potential for dangerous leverage or cross-loading can occur, the WireEye helps keep the carabiner oriented correctly, and the gear where it belongs. When you need to keep gear oriented in light use, use the WireEye and carry one carabiner that does the job of two! Available in 3 stage autolock.