Notch Rope Runner Pro

The next evolution of the Rope Runner! 

This mechanical ascender/descender applies friction at 3 points on the rope to hold you securely and give super smooth descents.

  • Approved for SRS or MRS climbing
  • Mid-line attachable
  • Improved rounded top for comfortable one hand descent
  • Multiple friction settings
  • Concave shaped steel bollards allow smoother descent, reducing “break in” period
  • One-piece design with Slic Pin retention
  • Enhanced ergonomics and rope friendly edges
  • Integrated SRS central ascent harness attachment point
  • Improved sealed ball bearings pulley
  • Rope compatibility: 11 to 13mm diameter

WLL 308lbs (140kg)
WEIGHT 16oz (453g)
MATERIALS Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Engineered by Notch with original inventor Kevin Bingham.