Notch Rook Triple Eye Swivel Pulley

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Rook Triple Attachment Swivel Pulley

Made for lines up to a half-inch. The built in swivel is designed for any situation to maintain whatever alignment you require. Three connection points turn this into a tool of many options and uses. Use on a rope bridge, or as a prusik-minding pulley, or on a lanyard/flipline, or even as a redirect. The possibilities are yours to discover.

  • To be used on saddles with rope style bridges measuring up to 1/2 " (13mm) in diameter
  • Swivel paw that helps reduce twisting from climbing systems
  • Rubber-lined attachment holes which help minimize carabiner movement 
  • Chamfer edging prevents rope chafing and wear
  • Milled from premium T6 aluminum
  • Tensile: 28 kN, weighs 5.6 oz, bearings instead of bushings
  • Not mid-line attachable