Notch Gecko Carbon Fiber Spurs

Gaff Length

Notch Gecko Carbon Fiber Climbers are the Lamborghinis of the tree spiking world. The ultra-light carbon fiber shank is ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit all day and features a new proprietary fiber lay for extra strength. The thermo-molded composite upper cuffs give an impact-resistant and adjustable fit, and the quick connect lower straps allow for a quick adjustment that stays tight every time you take your gaffs off.

Weight: 4.4lbs
Material:  Carbon Fiber / Aramid Fiber Enhanced Composite / Nylon
Gaff Type:  Long Tree- 2.5” / Short Pole- 1.75"
Gaff Material:  Forged steel
Gaff Attachment:  Hardened screws with thread locker
Shank Type:  Contoured
Stirrup Type:  Offset
Upper Strap:  Hook & Loop
Lower Leg Strap:  Quick connect buckle/ Hook & loop
  • Ultralight, best in class 4.4 lbs. total weight
  • Optimized offset leg stirrup for placement of foot and arch
  • Impact-resistant, new generation thermo-molded composite adjustable upper cuffs 
  • Improved thicker EVA pads featuring extended inner cuff coverage for improved comfort
  • Optimized airflow inner cuff design reduces moisture while providing cooler, more comfortable use
  • Quick connect lower straps for fast and easy adjustments
  • Adjustable height from 14.75” to 19.6”
  • Hot forged replaceable steel gaffs
  • 350 lbs. weight capacity (including gear)
  • Vibram stirrup sole plate improves traction and protects stirrup & gaff tips from wear
  • Meets ASTM F887 standards