Edelrid Talon Tree Climbing Spurs

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Gaff Length

The EDELRID TALON tree climbers are one of the lightest climbing gaffs on market.  The Talon is built on a completely new design that maximizes ergonomics and allows the highest level of flexibility and comfort for those long days in the harness. 

Edelrid Talon Climbers are the most modern, comfortable, adjustable, and secure Tree Climbing Spikes that you can find on the market. The Talon was designed using 3D modeling to create a gaff that has what arborists really need. Updated Velcro, straps, and plastic cuffs keep your spikes comfortable and secure with two adjustable foot straps and calf straps and a fine spur height adjustment so you can climb all day. The plastic upper cuff is made from upcycled rope scraps from the Edelrid floor combined with glass fibers, and all of the soft parts are Bluesign certified as environmentally friendly. Even though the spur is made of steel, the precise engineering and manufacturing of the Talon mean your climbing spikes are still lighter than most others.

Length: Fine adjustment from 355mm to 457mm in 5mm increments.

Weight: Only 1220gm each!

Calf Size: 330mm to 480mm

  • Double straps at calf conform to the shape of your legs
  • Lower binding is made of two adjustable straps to keep your feet from shifting at-height
  • Quick on-an-off
  • Easily replaceable straps
  • Ergonomically designed steel spurs are lightweight and bent 3 ways to fit the anatomy of your leg
  • Boot-shaped lower bindings avoid hitting pressure points
  • Dual-density foam provides unparalleled comfort and ventilation
  • 100% upcycled plastic uses rope scraps from the Edelrid factory
  • Bluesign certified soft-goods
  • Lower bindings are height-adjustable