Teufelberger Hi-Vee 12.7mm Climbing Line

Teufelberger New England Safety Blue Hi-Vee.

This old school favourite is an excellent arborist climbing line with high strength, flexibility, and safety features. The high-visibility Safety Blue has the added safety of being very easy to see, even when dirty.

Safety blue is treated with a special coating that helps to increase abrasion resistance and extend rope life. Safety Blue is a 16 strand single braid rope made from polyester and polyolefin fibers.

Safety Blue Hi-Vee is spliceable.

Standards: EN 1891A and ANSI Z133-2012.

Diameter: 12.7mm (1/2")

Length: 35m, 45m, 60m

Core: Polyamide

Cover: Polyester

Braid: 16