GRCS Good Rigging Control System

The Good Rigging Control System is the ultimate tool for lowering heavy loads in a safe and controlled fashion. Developed by Greg Good, the GRCS has two settings for providing a 44:1 or a 22:1 mechanical advantage, and two specialized spools: one for controlled lowering and one for serious lifting power. The GRCS has a dead lift rating of 3,000 lbs--able to handle large sections of timber and very heavy loads. With a high working load limit and enough pulling power to lift tremendous loads quickly, the GRCS is a solid equipment investment for any professional tree crew.

• All-in-one package: Easy setup, serious lifting power, and tangle-free operation. Includes GRCS Base, Strapping, and Bar, Interchangeable Lowering Bollard, improved winch: a true "arborist" winch with a longer drum

• Compact System: Setup your workstation anywhere utilizing a tree mount system. The GRCS attaches firmly to any compatible tree trunk via steel mounting plate.

• Versatility: Compatible with both a Harken rope winch and aluminum rope brake.

• Able to handle very heavy loads thanks to it's 3,000lb deadlift rating.

• Reliable Design: Hinged side plates and 9 rubber feet provide solid mounting on a broad range of stem and pole diameters.

• Patented fairlead system positions the rope on the drum to eliminate crossovers during raising, lowering and side pulling operations.

• The Harken 44:1 winch features a self-tailing gearing system with two settings for speed. The self tailer automatically holds the tension as a load is being raised so lifting or pulling can be accomplished by a single operator.

• The ultimate lowering tool: The winch accepts lowering line from 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter. The aluminum rope brake achieves controlled lowering thanks to a 4" diameter tube welded to a base plate, with a cavity large enough for an ice pack to be placed inside, to prevent rope glazing during very extreme lowering situations.

• Able to take 5 full wraps with a 3/4" rope

• Optional Accessories: GRCS Drill Driver, GRCS Truck Mount, GRCS Visor Plate (for heavy duty removals)