Donaghys Rhino 14mm Single Eye Rigging Sling

Donaghys Rhino 14mm Dead Eye Sling

MBF = 5250kg

This Australian made rope rigging sling is manufactured from nylon and polyester fiber. The double braid construction rope slings has a 150mm long factory spliced eye in one end.

A very versatile tool. Can be used in may rigging applications. From attaching blocks and pulleys around the tree, anchoring the Port A Wrap or other lowering device to the base of the tree, or attaching to the rigging line as a spider leg for balancing limbs. The list goes on.

The rope slings are colour coded to indicate the rope diameter and rating. These high visibility slings are Urethane coated for durability and to reduce strands being pulled.

Features include: 

  • Equivalent wet and dry strength
  • Durable and high visibility
  • Available in two different lengths