Gravity Lab SRT Bungee Neck Elastic

The SRT Bungee Neck Elastic by Gravity Lab features an inner core of stretchy shock cord and a 24 strand outer cover.  The ends are terminated with breakaway nylon snap clips. 

Used to advance your main ascender in either traditional SRT Ascent Systems like the Frog Walker and Micro Frog, or progressive SRT Work Positioning Systems using the Rope Wrench, Rope Runner or Unicender.

Place the Bungee Neck Elastic around your neck, clip the carabiner into your main attachment point and walk up the rope.  Easy as that!  A simple low-cost alternative to a Chest Harness.

Carabiner not included!  Add your Micro 'biner of choice if you've not already got one

*Cover colour may vary.

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