Arbtarp Clean Up Tarp

Arbtarp is the ultimate tree work cleanup tarp. Made right here in Melbourne out of high quality, extremely durable materials, the Arbtarp is built treework-tough!

The Arbtarp slashes clean up time, allowing you to drag multiple trips worth of debris out to the truck or chipper in one go.

It can also be used to protect valuable garden obstacles, catch sawdust from cutting over nice lawns and much more. 

This is not a cheap throwaway tarp, but an investment in clean up efficiency. You know full well that any good tool that saves you time quickly pays for itself and makes you money for years to come.

It measures 2480mm x 1800mm, or approx 8' x 6'. 

The corners are reinforced, have webbing handles and carabiner sized eyelets.

Constructed from high gloss 680gsm Ripstop PVC, it has high resistance to tearing and ripping. The Riplock surface features an acrylic lacquer coating to both sides, delivering improved UV resistance and easy cleaning, with restricted plasticiser migration. It also has high levels of scratch and UV resistance, making it suitable for longer-life applications.

Technical Features Acrylic Coating, Anti Crack to -30ºC, Flame Retardant, FR AS2755.2, Strength, Tear Resistance, UV Resistant
2480mm x 1800mm
Weight 680gsm
Finish Gloss
Base High Tensile Woven Polyester
Coating PVC