Edelrid Bucco 11.8mm SRT Climbing Line

The BUCCO 11.8 MM is a robust tree-climbing rope that was specially developed for use in the Single Rope Technique (SRT). This premium tree-climbing rope is characterized by excellent abrasion resistance, minimal elongation, and balanced handling. A special highlight: the compact sheath is made from recycled polyester. This makes the BUCCO 11.8 MM a "must-have" for all arborists who want to keep their ecological footprint as small as possible.
The BUCCO 11.8 MM has a particularly abrasion-resistant and compact sheath construction that easily withstands even sharp ascenders. In combination with a twisted polyamide core construction, a static elongation of just 1,9% is achieved. This enables an effortless ascent with no bounce effect. At the same time, the BUCCO 11.8 MM remains supple thanks to the Thermo Shield treatment and easily through all mechanical devices. The luminous base color ensures that the rope is clearly visible in dense foliage.
The sheath of the BUCCO 11.8 MM is made of 100% recycled polyester produced in accordance with the Global Recycling Standard. This makes the BUCCO 11.8 MM a real ecological alternative to other conventional tree-climbing ropes and a proud representative of our #ClimbGreen collection.
  • Diameter: 11,8 mm
  • Weight per meter: 96 g/m
  • Maximum breaking strength: 40 kN
  • Static elongation: 1,9 %
  • Sheath proportion: 47 %
  • Sheath displacement: 0 mm
  • Shrinkage H2O: 0,80 mm
  • Certification: EN 1891 Typ A, ANSI Z133