CT Quick Tree Ascender

The new Quick Tree Removable Ascender is designed for easy and fast rope ascent. Ideal for tree climbing and working at height, this cam can be attached to your spurs or to your boots with the QT Spurs Support or the QT Universal Support (Not included). The integrated cam and lever mechanism allows you to guarantee secure attachment to the support as well as allowing you to keep the device open to facilitate rope insertion. The QT Spur Support is designed to attach to almost any tree climbing spurs and can be used with the right or left Quick Tree Ascender. The QT Universal Support is an adjustable support that straps onto your climbing boots and works with either the left or right Quick Tree Ascender.

The Quick Tree Removable Foot Ascender must be paired with either the QT Spur Support or the QT Universal Support - Both sold separately.

  • Two-movement quick attachment and release system
  • Closure system with additional fixing lever to guarantee secure support attachment
  • Self-cleaning cam with three depressions to avoid accumulation of dirt and mud
  • Can be used with two different supports:
    • QT Foot Strap
    • QT Spur Mount
  • Used with ropes from 8mm to 13mm