Notch Gecko Steel Climbing Spikes

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Gaff Length

The Notch Gecko Steel Climbers will get you into a tree with the comfort of an expensive high-tech spur at the fraction of the price.

The proprietary Notch high-impact plastic moulded cuff, integrated high-density EVA padding, and 4" wide upper calf strap make the Notch Gecko Steel Climbers incredibly comfortable and stable all day.

Notch has tested these climbers in labs and trees under every environment to ensure that they are the toughest and most comfortable products available. 

Weight:2.67kg / 5.9lbs per pair

Capacity:160kg / 350lbs

  • Steel leg iron construction with rustproof finish
  • Offset leg stirrup for optimal leg position
  • 4" wide upper calf strap provides maximum security
  • Adjustable high-impact plastic molded cuff with integrated padding
  • Replaceable and hand washable high-density EVA padding
  • Adjustable height from 14.75" to 21" by .25" increments
  • Hot-forged replaceable steel gaffs
  • 26" lower straps with split ring
  • High-vis coloration
  • Lifetime guarantee