ART Cocoon 5 Pulley

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ART Cocoon Pulley 
The ART Cocoon is THE pulley if you want to make up your own Rope Guide style system. Milled from a single block of aluminum the Cocoon can almost be considered a work of art. The Cocoon is tested and certified for PPE (personal protection equipment) in accordance to the European Standard EN 12278. Can be used with a certified sling or 8mm prusik cord. No carabiners are needed as the loop runner is attached directly into the Cocoon body, secured and protected by the round 'nut' at the top of the Cocoon (tightened by hand - no tools necessary). The pulley takes up to 14 mm rope.
In the development work for the Cocoon 3 it was necessary to increase the diameter of the sheave from 22 to 30 mm, to reduce the bend radius further. At the same time preserving the unique cocoon style. The ball nut has been replaced by a non-threaded ball cap, which is now secured with two screws. The feedback from the field has shown that the Cocoon is re-mounted too seldom and thus the convenience of the ball nut is hardly used.
The Cocoon 5 for ascent is even less effort and the shape is still something very special. The Cocoon 3 has high quality sealed SKF bearings installed and the body's role will continue to increase despite the fabricated from a solid piece of high-strength aluminum. In connection with a rope or belt loop, it can furthermore be used in various applications such as the inline anchor point.  The Cocoon 5 combines known and new features in an elegant way and it is sturdy and durable. Tested and certified according to EN 12278 and PSA as a component of a certified Ropeguide.