TIP Sniper Throw Line Launcher

 Got big trees? New Large option TIP Sniper available with big bore chamber and longer barrel.

  • The TIP SNIPER Throw Line Launcher is a device designed for setting climbing lines in trees for rescue purposes, rescue training and rescue demonstrations.  It uses pressurized air power to launch your throwbag and throwline up and over your Tie In Point to then enable you to establish a climbing line high in the canopy without leaving the ground. The TIP SNIPER will by far out-shoot a Big Shot both in height and accuracy, but most importantly it's more FUN! Simply pump it up with a quality bike pump (not included) or compressor, aim - and fire!  Locally made in Melbourne by @treemender (check him out on instagram) the TIP SNIPER is obviously inspired by the APTA originally created by our friends Treestuff in the USA.  It has been optimized with a smaller diameter to suit Harrison Rocket 10-12oz Throwbags and instead of being all alloy this has a stronger steel chamber with a plastic barrel making it easier to dismantle for storage, lighter weight and better weight distribution. The whole thing is finished in a carbon fiber style wrap...which does absolutely nothing other than make it look damn trick!  Click for Safety Instructions 

  • Length: 135cm (Standard) and 175cm (Large)

    Weight: 2.8kg (Standard) 4.4kg (Large)

    Max PSI: 200 ( around 120-150 suits most shots)

  • The TIP SNIPER is sure to make your day a lot more fun, but don't mistake it for a toy!  This will seriously will improve your line setting into even large trees. This is a tool for professional Arborists - it is not a toy or a weapon. Please follow all instructions and use responsibly!

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