Notch Dryad Tree Bracing

Notch Dryad is a hollow braid polyester rope that takes the place of steel cabling, offering much lighter weight, quick installation, and adjustability. This strong, long-lasting, UV resistant rope is easy to splice and is almost undetectable from the ground once installed due to the exclusive camouflage colouring, and is non-invasive because setting it up does not involve drilling into a tree.

  • High strength dynamic cabling
  • 24 Strand hollow braid polyester rope without a core
  • Flatness of rope keeps it from biting into a tree
  • Easy to splice
  • Superb knot holding ability
  • Lighter and easier to use than steel support lines
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Low stretch

Splicing Recommendation

Two tucks separated by 6 picks, followed by a straight bury of 1 fid length. Tie a stopper knot after the bury exits.

Diameter Weight (per 100ft) Average Tensile Strength
3/8" 1.9lbs 3,000lbs
1/2" 3lbs 6,100lbs
3/4" 7.7lbs 10,200lbs