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Kong Mini D Carabiner

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The Kong Mini D carabiner is a little alloy carabiner good for minor accessory duties.
Rated to 600KG, it's no chinese keyring!  Colours vary.  

Do i really need to say it.......NOT FOR CLIMBING!

Leon S.
I love this carabiner. I've been using them for over ten years to hang my phone off my belt loops. The nose is totally non-snagging and it's just the right size for my man-hands. Plus at 600kg rating I could do something much more significant with it if the moment arose. The spring in the gate eventually dies, but I've never had less than a year of many gate openings per day, every day, out of one. I call that good. I was concerned that the move to smartphones about five years ago would see them getting smashed up from flapping around as I move, but not so far - I put them in a decent case and put on a plastic screen protector (will go glass next time so I don't have to change them so often), but my Galaxy S3 is still going strong after three years hanging off my waist. I don't know why more folks don't do this as a way of keeping their phone handy. The cord I use is 2mm hammer cord from climbing rope companies -just drill a little hole through the case if your phone doesn't have a mounting point on it. Have tried monofilament fishing line and it's okay but ends up cutting into the carabiner.