Harrison Rocket Throw Bag

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Harrison Rocket Throw Bag 

Sought after the world over by working & competing climbers who appreciate quality and want the best. 

They are designed by 3 time NZ Tree Climbing Champion & World Tree Climbing Championship Competitor, Andy Harrison and are hand crafted in NZ by his wife Ali.  

Many have tried to copy and reproduce these throw bags.  But nothing else comes close.  Not in craftsmanship or performance. 

These are the real deal, genuine, legendary Harrison Rocket Throw Bags.  Their aerodynamic & steamlined profile means they not only fly high and accurate, but also avoid snagging when passing through tight branch forks.

Whether you are looking for a competitive edge in the throwline competition or just want to save time and avoid hassle in your daily work, then you need the genuine Harrison Rocket Throw Bag.