FTC Matriosac V3 Throwline Storage Kit

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The MATRIOSAC is a set of round, foldable bags that can hold throwlines and throwbags. An easy way to store and carry throwlines without creating knots or twists. Its concept is inspired by the Matriochkas, the Russian dolls that fit into each other, from the biggest to the smallest.

The MATRIOSAC set is composed of two round bags, that fit into each other and fold to a compact size. Two sets for throwing can be stored, i.e. 2 throwlines and 4 throwbags. It is now equipped with a large pocket under the blue bag, for extra gear (cambium saver, throwbags, carabiners etc.).

Folding the bag holds the throwline flat at the bottom. Two Velcro straps hold the set folded together.

Once it is open, the MATRIOSAC is stable, held on the ground by the bags and accessories held in the bottom pockets that act as ballast. Its round profile means a lesser wind surface area. The bottom is reinforced and waterproof - it is therefore stronger and offers the gear a better protection against ground moisture.

Tech Specs

Double wall: polyurethane-coated polyester
Weight of the set: 1.2 kg

Dimensions :
- Large bag (with lid): Ø 38 cm, 30 cm high, 750 g, blue.
- Bottom pocket for extra gear (blue bag): Ø 38 cm, 5 cm high.
- Small bag (fits in the large one): Ø 35 cm, 30 cm high, 450 g, orange.

Each bag is equipped with:
- two pockets for the throwbags at its bottom. They have different colours, to better identify the throwbags,
- an inner Velcro strap to hold the end of the throwline,
- a handle.

Large bag:
- with fabric and solid mesh lid for a perfect ventilation, and a strong zipper,
- two Velcro straps to hold the set folded together,
- with transport strap.