DMM Ultra O Locksafe Carabiner Multi Colour Pack

The DMM Ultra O is the most popular carabiner in tree climbing. 

The Multi Colour pack of 3 carabiners gives you a simple and clear way of identifying components within any system.

They are ideal for the training of new climbers to aid component identification from a distance, as well as being convenient for those who appreciate safe organization and operation components in their systems.

This Locksafe model is a perfect companion to the DMM Hitch Climber Attachment and Pinto pulley ranges.


  • Approved to EN362:2004/B
  • Oval shape allows central positioning of devices
  • I-Beam section for increased strength to weight ratio
  • Keylock clean nose for snag free connection
  • Hot forged and fully heat treated aluminium for lightness and maximum strength
  • Anodised to BS EN 7599:2010 AA10 Sealed for corrosion protection
  • Recommended for use with pulleys and as a general connector
  • Triple coloured multipacks allow easy in-system identification
  • Individually marked for traceability
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