ART Spiderjack 2.1 Dyneema

The 2.1 version has a longer lever with a fairlead.  The Dyneema Kit an alloy "rope keeper" in place of the velcro and includes a Dyneema sling to run the 2 carabiner set up.
With some practice the Spiderjack 2.1 allows for unique functions and movements resulting in a very dynamic as well as strength saving climbing technique.
Features and Functions
  • Use with ropes according to EN 1891, 11-13 mm.Ready for use with just one carabiner
  • Attachment of the Spiderjack to the harness and securing the termination requires only one carabiner. This makes your whole climbing system very compact, plus the hand-over-hand movement becomes really efficient.
  • Extremely smooth rope passage even when under load.
    As soon as you pull the line above the device the Spiderjack turns from locking into running position. This allows for two-handed as well as single-handed ascent or adjusting of work positioning even when there is little rope weight below to speed up the rope run. Self-tending at it's best!
  • Ergonomic release combined with line control
    The ergonomically designed release lever of the Spiderjack features a groove on its inner side giving a redirection of rope. This way the climber‘s hands will not be affected by rope friction at all.
  • Thumb brake allows for precise control of movement
    Some practice with the unique thumb brake will facilitate a very precise control of rope passage – from extremely slow to extremely fast. Trained experts really enjoy the Spiderjack induced high-speed precision landings. Of course the brake system works just as well in „normal“ use. The brake pad is made of Guajak wood (guaiacum), a very hard wood, friction resistant and extremely durable.
  • Using the Spiderjack requires wearing a harness with a low attachment point. The lower the Spiderjack is attached, the longer are the arm pull movements.
  • The Spiderjack has no panic-function! Therefore it is necessary to follow user instructions especially in the learning phase!