Protos Integral Arborist Helmet

The Protos Integral Arborist Helmet has been designed from the ground up specifically for tree workers.  As such it is unique in that it is the first helmet to have a completely intergrated face shield and earmuffs which makes its design far superior to the typical solution of using an industrial helmet where face shield and muffs are an aftermarket add-on, or maybe even an after thought!

Being certified in accordance with EN397 Industrial Safety Helmet (INDUSTRY/FORESTRY) embodies AS/NZ1801, EN352-3 Hearing Protection, EN1731 Facial Protection (G16/F39) EN12492 climber helmet (CLIMBER/ARBORIST chin strap) and EN1078 cycling/skiing.

All helmets are serialised and have a build date located under the brim – all helmets have a 5 year life span.

The PROTOS® Integral system can be adapted within seconds to industry, forestry, tree care, rescue, skiing, cycling and climbing applications.