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Kask Zenith AS1801 Helmet

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NEW to Australia, the Kask Zenith is not just hard hat, it's a true safety helmet. Its design and construction includes many features that makes it a high quality, comfortable and vital piece of a worker’s PPE for work at height.

Size: Adjustable from 53 cm to 63 cm.


  1. VERY SAFE • The closed shell safety helmet is rated to protect against electrical hazards up to 1500V AC / 1000V DC. • Provides all round impact protection due to design of the HD Polystyrene inner shell and ABS outer shell.
  2. VERY COMFORTABLE TO WEAR • No more wobbly helmets! The Zenith’s suspension system can be adjusted for height, width and tilt thanks to Kask’s improved Up & Down 2.0 size adjustment system and four-point chin strap. • Eco-leather chin strap is soft against the skin, non-allergenic and washable. • The internal shell provides insulation from overhead heat sources and designed for maximum coolness and ventilation. • Inner padding is made from 3D fabric that wicks sweat away from the head, dries fast and is also treated with Sanitized® technology to prevent bacterial growth (and smells) .
  3. LOTS OF ACCESSORIES • Half and full face visors in clear, smoke and mirror finishes, mesh visors, neck shade, ear muffs, reflective stickers and more.
  4. EASY TO USE • Accessories are quickly attached to the Zenith via Kask’s new Easy Click System - an easy to use click-on, click-off attachment system.
  5. CERTIFIED TO AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS • The Zenith Safety Helmet is certified to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1801.1997 Occupational Protective Helmets. NEW to Australia, the Kask Zenith is a safety helmet, not a hard hat. Its design and construction includes many features that makes it a high quality, comfortable and vital piece of a worker’s PPE. 


  1.  Q WON’T A CLOSED SHELL HELMET MAKE IT HOT TO WEAR? No. The design of the inner shell promotes airflow and insulates your head from direct overhead heat. The padding material is made from Fast3Dry high-tech fabric that wicks moisture away from the head and dries quickly. It’s also treated with Sanitized® technology so bacterial growth is prevented.
  2. Q IS THE HIGHER PRICE WORTH IT? Yes, absolutely! Kask is famous for their quality helmets and Zenith incorporates a lot of technology to keep your head protected from impact. It’s a lot like insurance - you’re always thankful you have the best cover when something bad happens.
  3. Q DOES IT HAVE A WARRANTY? Yes. 3 years from purchase date. The shelf life is 5 years from date of manufacture (the DOM is printed on a label inside the helmet).