The Tree Climbers Companion Book

The Lowdown

This best selling pocket field guide covers tree climbing techniques, equipment selection & use, and provides instruction on basic methods of entering the tree, working safely, and getting back down.  A great guide for beginners who want to get started with the safest and most modern equipment and techniques or old-schoolers who are looking to learn some new tricks.

Tech Specs
  • 103 pages
  • softbound
  • Written by experienced tree climber Jeff Jepson
  • Excellent illustrations by Bryan Kotwica
Treegear Takeaway

This book really is the best place to start if your thinking of getting into tree climbing.  It is simple to read understand thanks to the illustrations, and by the end you'll have a really clear idea on what gear you need and how to use it.  And years later it still adds value...there is always something you can come back to and check on or learn from.