X-Rigging Ring Eye Sling Medium

The Lowdon

The X-Rigging Ring eye sling is a light weight, compact rigging block and rigging sling all in one. 

It is designed to be super simple in its use. Simply choke around a union and run your rigging line through the X-Ring. 

Alternatively you can add a block to the sling, for a cambium saver saver style rigging point (settable from the ground).

Tech Specs

Rope Diameter: <16mm

Rigging Ring: X-Ring Large (28 x 20)

Length: 1m

MBS: 70kN

Treegears Take

This is a simple and great option for a multitude of rigging purposes.

Packing down to a compact size, this is great replacement for a sling and a block.  

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