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Ocean Polyester DMM Anchor Ring Sling

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Great for an Inline Anchor or on an SRT Base Anchor! 

It is manufactured from Ocean Polyester cordage in 8 or 10mm and uses 2 x 26mm DMM Alloy Rings.

This device is just one example of a "secret weapon", a concept pioneered by Frank Chipps.

A "secret weapon" can enable you to work doubled rope off of a single rope system. During SRT ascent the secret weapon will serve in the place of your footlocking prusik. Once aloft you will place a stopper knot below the device. You can then climb off a doubled line running through the two DMM machined aluminum rings.

You can install it on your SRT access line after reaching your TIP, then rig your DdRT system thru the SW and climb DdRT off your SRT line! Or you can rig it at ground level with your pre-rigged DdRT system taking the place of your SRT tether. Once you reach the desired height? Push the SW up a bit above your handled ascender, cinch it into place and transfer right to DdRT.

Tie an alpine butterfly under the SW and you are good to go. Once done, you can descend to the ground on your DdRT rig, untie the ground anchor for your SRT rope, and gently bring the SW back to the ground along with the SRT access line. Easy, breezy :) You can also use the SW to replace your footlocking prussik for footlocking. simply rig your DdRT system thru the SW, extend it to your desired length and footlock up pushing the SW and your rigged DdRT system as the tether. Once aloft, tie stopper knots in the down lies and climb via normal DdRT. You will have to climb back to your TIP for this though and descend on your DdRT rig with the SW as the back up.