Yale Kernmaster Explore 11mm Access Line


This is probably one of the most talked about ropes in SRT right now. Being used as an access line, but also main climbing line as well.

The Safari variant of Yale Kernmaster being attributed to Mr Drew Bristow with a portion of the cost going to support the Explore Trees team and their endeavours. 


Construction: 48st Double Braid (Polyester on Nylon)

Diameter: 11mm (7/16")

Tensile Strength: 3,225kg

Weight: 90g/m (100m = 9kg)

Steam stabilised core: The core is fully steam stabilised which enhances the rope flexibility and prevents hardening during service.


If you're looking for a great Wrenching rope then this is definitely a contender. Although not as static as Donaghys Cougar Blue it has other benefits, like having a tighter, smoother 48st cover than other ropes on the market.

And well, lets be honest....it looks Sexy!