HAAS Clip N Step Ascent System


I'm sure you all know the HAAS, the innovative knee ascender. Well this is the latest piece of Haul Ass equipment brought to us by Mike Frankhauser.

The HAAS Clip N Step!  

This has been designed for use with the ArbPro Clip'N Step Boots, directly attaching to them using a carabiner from the bottom of the HAAS Clip N Step to the integrated webbing foot loop in the boots.

So just like the original, the HAAS Clip N Step allows you to use both legs to ascend the tree. But with the added benefit of being extra compact.

If you want to see these two in action, heres a link to our blog article with video.



HAAS Clip N Step includes;

  • CT Chest Ascender 8mm < 13mm
  • Tenex Tec
  • Extra Durable Bungee
  • Brass Boat Snap
  • Haul Ass Ascent System Sticker!

What a cool piece of kit! We are already planning the next big tree climbs to use this on knowing it's going to make the long ascents so much easer. 

Just like the last HAAS these come in two sizes, so be sure to check out our sizing guide by Mike.

HAAS Sizing Guide

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